Feeder Finance Daily Update June 24, 2021


  • Continuing to progress on DApp; merging backend and frontend
  • CertiK audit report released; we’re waiting to announce it publicly once CertiK updates its website
  • PeckShield vault audit in progress; their timeline is tomorrow for pre-lim report
  • Product docs section completed; pending diagram and PeckShield confirmation
  • MemeContest is still going on guys! 

Core Updates


Progressing well and on time. Jimmy is working hard on this to make sure the actual product comes out as designed.  It’ll definitely set a new standard for BSC – stay tuned!


  • CertiK is released, we’re waiting for CertiK to update their website before announcing.  We’re following up.
  • PeckShield prelim vault contract report ETA tomorrow

On-Going Activities

Meme Contest:  LINK

Don’t forget to participate in our meme competition! I’d like to remind everyone of our rules for the event:
1) Post your meme to the twitter competition thread
2) Tag @FeederFinance, $FEED, and #FeederFinanceMemeContest and your favorite DeFi personality
3) Most upvotes + retweets wins (No cheating! We’ll know )

Competition ends 28/06 @ 12am GMT+1