Feeder Finance Daily Update June 2, 2021


  • Live on Mainnet.  Vaults Feed front-test commenced.  We’re collecting data and observation execution now
  • Jimmy will start to focus on other programming priorities
  • Meme Contest! We encourage you to join and hopefully win 10,000 sFEED in the process.
  • New Stickers!

Core Development

Vaults Feed

We’re live on mainnet!

Everything is working as intended, and we’re front-testing the smart contract now.

We have 100 CAKE deposited in our vault. They’re being allocated into four different vaults across three platforms diversified per their target allocation. Separately we have deposited into all four of the same vaults. 

We’ll use the data to compare risk/returns statistics over our testing period. The goal is not to outperform; it’s to generate the expected returns per the target allocations. 

Note: Launch products’ goals were never to outperform or generate 10,000% APYs, but to be a tool that allows diversification and automatic rebalancing for investors. The parties responsible for maximizing returns are target vaults. We’ll add more target vaults and deposit tokens regularly post-launch.  

We’ll provide updates as we go on how that’s going.  

Other Programming Updates

  • While the smart contract is being front-tested, Jimmy will shift his focus to programming the vault management platform for the backend.
  • He’ll then move on to the copywriting fixes we owed you guys. FYI – the front-end dev went AWOL on us. Paula is working on getting a replacement. Urgh…
  • Once that’s done, Jimmy will start to prepare for all the other front-end updates to be completed ahead of the vault launch

While it’s a pain in the back for Jimmy to be the only programmer, it is what it is. We’re somewhat surprised how hard it is to find quality devs, but then again, is seems the explosion of crypto has made quality devs somewhat of a rare breed. We’re lucky Jimmy is an even rarer full-stack dev and can handle all tasks at hand; however he only has two super-fast hands, so not all things will get done right away. They will, however, get it done in time, we’re not worried about that at this point.

We hope you guys appreciate our transparency and honesty on this front.  

On-Going Activities

Meme Contest:  LINK

We’ve laucnhed our Meme Contest to be the last big community activity before our launch.  It will be going on for some time and the Winner takes home ~$1,000 worth of sFEED.

We’ve seen funny memes already being posted on our meme TG channel.  Make sure you post on twitter as well to participate! 


New Stickers!

Patrick's Meme Pick of the Day

We have a couple of good ones today, but this one gave me a good laugh. Please keep them coming guys! Also, be sure to join the meme activity; it would be sad if that prize wasn’t handed out.

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