Feeder Finance Daily Update June 14, 2021


  • Vault development continues as audit delayed by negotiations
  • Both CertiK and PeckShield auditing likely to be finalized by Wednesday
  • Good response from a lending/farming protocol; to reconnect after launch
  • BscScan has updated our logo!
  • New Stickers!
  • Cool submission from William for the Meme Contest!

Core Updates

Vaults Feed

We’ve taken advantage of the delay in vault contract auditing to continue improving the product’s scope.

While we initially had not planned for a stablecoin deposit in our initial launch, the recent market bearishness made it more urgent. We’ve added a deposit option that will now include stablecoins.

Furthermore, our goal will remain to diversify to as many target locations as possible to reduce risks; there are limitations. Those limitations include gas fees, target vault options, and the time it takes to create a workaround. The way we’ve constructed our vault is to allow for it to be upgradable over time. Hence we may launch with deposit options where target options are not many, but we would set the foundation for future upgrades to improve each deposit option as both the platform and the network grows.

CertiK Auditing

We’ve answered a couple of questions from the CertiK team today, but they have yet to send us a finalized report.

We’re also looking to finalize the terms for the report on the vaults on Wednesday. We’ll keep you guys updated.

PeckShield Auditing

We’ve timed our finalization the of contract submission to PeckShield in alignment with CertiK’s timelines, both to be finalized on Wednesday.

Business Development


We’ve received good feedback from a medium-sized lending/farming protocol, one that will be among our target yield generating platforms for the vault. The team would like to continue discussions on a potential partnership once the product is launched.

Product Diagrams

Now that all the options are stabilizing, Patrick is working with Paula to create a diagram to add to the docs to explain how each vault works and what it does under the hood. There will be an explainer as well.


BSCScan has finally added our logo to our explorer profile.  Adding to the legitimacy and trust of our project.  Hopefully Trustwallet and others will follow suit soon!

New Stickers

Thanks William for the new stickers!

On-Going Activities

Meme Contest:  LINK

Don’t forget to participate in our meme competition! I’d like to remind everyone of our rules for the event:
1) Post your meme to the twitter competition thread
2) Tag @FeederFinance, $FEED, and #FeederFinanceMemeContest and your favorite DeFi personality
3) Most upvotes + retweets wins (No cheating! We’ll know )

Competition ends 28/06 @ 12am GMT+1

New #FeederFinanceMemeContest Entries

Today’s submission for our contest:


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