Feeder Finance Daily Update June 10, 2021


  • CertiK auditing has started; Vault smart contract submitted
  • New sets of upgraded Vaults Feed smart contracts getting front-tested
  • Check out new Meme Contest entries at the bottom 😉

Core Updates

CertiK Auditing

We’ve submitted our Vaults Feed smart contract to CertiK today. In the meanwhile, they’re auditing our previously deployed contracts. We hope the Vaults Feed contract can start to be audited right after the initial ones. After reviewing the contract, they’ll come back to us on how much time they expect will be needed until they can come back with comments or approval. We’ll let you guys know once we do.

Vaults Feed Update

We (or rather Jimmy) raced through completing all the initial deposit tokens contracts. We think we have what we feel comfortable with, as a good list of options for a launch product.

We’ve tested them all on the mainnet. We did not have a lot of time to run the tests before we were due for submission, but we’ll continue to run the front test on all of the soon-to-be-available options. We’ve been running the front test on the prior version for roughly a week, and it worked well; current data suggest the upgrade works just as well.

On-Going Activities

Meme Contest:  LINK

Don’t forget to participate in our meme competition! I’d like to remind everyone of our rules for the event:
1) Post your meme to the twitter competition thread
2) Tag @FeederFinance, $FEED, and #FeederFinanceMemeContest and your favorite DeFi personality
3) Most upvotes + retweets wins (No cheating! We’ll know )

Competition ends 28/06 @ 12am GMT+1

New #FeederFinanceMemeContest Entries

New submission by our very own Marvin.  Thanks for the help bro would hate to sign out without good meme 🙂

Nothing written here is financial advice.  Please DYOR.