Feeder Finance Daily Update July 9, 2021


  • PeckShield Audit done, check it out here
  • Next steps and product strategy details below 

PeckShield Audit Complete!

We did it!  Our first AutoStaking vault product has been audited and all issues have been fixed and resolved.

You’ll find the audit here

We’re not planning to make an official announcement for this audit as the product has yet to be released and would probably cause some confusion.  Community members are informed of all developments here though.

AutoStaking: Auto Diversify

So Wen Launch??

Over the next day or two we’ll be deploying the contract and linking it up with the UI.  Then we’ll spend a couple days testing internally to make sure everything is functioning as intended.  The launch will be next week.  We’ll announce it ahead of time once we’re confident about setting the date/time.

Product Strategy

We’ve given the product portfolio strategy more thoughts and have concluded that to allow the platform to have flexibility in product development, AutoStaking and AutoFarming will ultimately be Product Categories, rather than products.

What does it mean? 

Ultimately AutoStaking are vaults that uses single asset deposit strategy.  Think auto compounding lending strategies and staking strategies.  LP with stablecoins however would also be included in this category as the risk profile is similar, IL is virtually zero.

What about AutoFarming?

AutoFarming will involve strategies like yield optimization; where target destinations uses two-sided assets, in other words, providing liquidity (LP Tokens). Single asset and two-sided asset strategies have different risk and return structures, therefore we did not want to put them under the same list.  Even so, we will make the journey simple whereby users will still choose and deposit single tokens, they would not have to go and create LPs to deposit.  

What now?

We’re calling our upcoming product “Auto Diversify”.  That’s essentially what it does and what is unique about it, it automatically diversifies.  Therefore Auto Diversify will sit under AutoStaking and overtime as we build the portfolio of yield optimizing products (vaults), we’ll add them to their respective product categories.   

Whereas most other platforms just stack things on top of each other in a list, Feeder Finance will be much easier to navigate.  

How would this be simple?

Here is the flow:  1) Choose your product category (AutoStaking), 2) choose your deposit token (USDT),  choose your product (AutoDiversify).

If you’re a little confused, it’ll all make sense once you see the UI for the product.

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