Feeder Finance Daily Update July 8, 2021


  • Vault launch pending PeckShield’s audit
  • Product Diagram look and feel completed; minor details to be worked on


The wait for PeckShield continues. We’ll follow up with PeckShield again end of Friday Asia to see if they can comment on the timing. In the meantime, we’ve been focused on the backend APIs that would be needed for future platform features and products. We have made great strides and progress on that end today.

We’ll circle back to the DApp suggestions list as we know there are things you guys are still looking forward to.


We’ve completed the product diagram look and feel and have reviewed it with the team internally today. There are some comments left, and we’ll give it some more thought. We’ll take advantage of the extra time to iterate on things where we can so we’re using our extra time productively.

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