Feeder Finance Daily Update July 7, 2021


  • Vault launch pending PeckShield’s audit
  • DApp UI fixes and updates, some more on the to-do list
  • Feeder Finance got listed on Trust Wallet and PancakeSwap info


Received an update from PeckShield today that they are still working on the auditing.  We’ll just have to stay patient. 

Meanwhile, Jimmy has completed the following fixes/suggestions on the current DApp UI:

  • Fixed:  Tablet UI compatibility
  • Added:  Buy FEED token to the Dashboard
  • Update:  Added more decimals to the staking pool share

There are couple more and we’ll spend this time working on those.  

Trust Wallet Listing

We did it guys.  We’re listed on Trust Wallet.  With this, various platforms using the asset database of Trust Wallet will show our asset too.  This includes PancakeSwap that has added our liquidity pool data to their info section (here).

Please help like and retweet the announcement to give us more organic exposure!

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