Feeder Finance Daily Update July 5, 2021


  • Submitted last request by PeckShield; pending their greenlight
  • Weekly Buyback commenced
  • Pinned a community support section at the bottom; community member RJH van de Kimmenade has written a supportive article about us


We have submitted the last of the requests to PeckShield today.  We’re hoping they will come back to us with the green light soon! With that we can deploy the smart contract for the vault and start the countdown clock.  Almost there!

Week 6 Withdrawal Fees Buyback & Distribution

  • Transaction Hash: Link 
  • LPs Used: 287 FEED-BNB LP
  • Total FEED: ~69,026 $FEED ($1,622 USDT)
  • APY Impact +0.35%


Community Support


We’ve received a supportive Medium article by RJH van de Kimmenade titled: Hard to choose DeFi projects?” 

Please support the author, who has since joined the community, and give him a Clap!