Feeder Finance Daily Update July 2, 2021

The Update

Hi Feeders, 

It’ll be a short one and likely the same for tomorrow. As noted in earlier updates, we’re working mainly on two things over the weekend:

  1. DApp is getting completed over the weekend and will be released early next week without the product. Ahead of the product launch you’ll get a sense of how the DApp will look. It’s major rework from what we showed you as a teaser a couple of weeks ago.  
  2. Audit of the first vault is pending; as updated earlier, they’ll get back to us early next week. We’ll have to either fix or comment back for another cycle before the final report is issued. Once that’s done, we’re good for launch.

I understand most of you have been waiting for the launch to happen by the end of the month. We’ve completed our work far ahead of the timeline and have submitted contracts for audits relatively soon. The delay happened on the auditor side, and that’s something we have no control of. We haven’t had a single community member comment about the delay but we do feel the pressure – we commit to our promises and are not taking this delay lightly. We’d like to let you guys know that we’re doing our best on our end and we truly appreciate your patience with us.