Feeder Finance Daily Update July 1, 2021


  • Peckshield informed us that their next progress report will be early next week
  • DApp aesthetically revamped and will be released early next week

Core Updates


We’ve received word from PeckShield that they plan to come back to us with further commentary early next week.

We were hoping the audit would get done in time for our expected launch at the end of June, but we can not control how fast our auditor works.  Having said that this also means they are spending time in making sure the product is secure and that should give us comfort.


Given that we were waiting for PeckShield, Jimmy has been spending time adjusting and working on the DApp aesthetics.  This includes the staking and farming interfaces.  We’ll release the new interface early next week regardless of PeckShield so you guys have something to be excited about while we’re all waiting for PeckShield to do their work.