AutoStaking: Compound – Launch and Background

Hello Feeder!

We’ve launched AutoStaking:  Compound

This may come as a surprise. Let me give you some background so we avoid confusion and go straight to any questions you may have that I haven’t addressed below.


We’ve submitted the code to PeckShield close to a month ago and have since been waiting for their audit. We’ve had a lot of time while waiting for their audit and many pieces of the code has been audited along the way. We were concerned about how slow the audit was going and about the delay. We’ve built auto-compounding vaults using the mostly already audited code to test strategies as a way to test our UI/UX for Auto Diversify, and suddenly, it clicked.

As you know, we’re aiming to be a DeFi Aggregator. Initially, it was going to just be product. However as our vision is to make it easy for investors to DeFi. Why only build products? Why not create an ecosystem! And so, we’ve worked on the docs, the products, and planned future releases. Our core product ideas and plans have not changed. We’ve just upgraded the whole thing to another level.

What’s this launch?

This is our auto-compounding vault. We call it “Compound”. Like most other vaults but different, partly, in one aspect. We’re vaulting vaults, farms, and swap pools. The end goal is to have it all, everybody’s vaults, across all chains, ours and everybody else’s, here, at Feeder Finance. Imagine being able to invest at any platform, see everybody’s APYs and TVL, aggregate your portfolio in one place. That’s where we’re heading, and this is the first step.

What about Auto Diversify

We’ll be launching that this week. The preparation for Compound is the same preparation for Auto Diversify; we’ve completed most of it. Only minor details left, so Auto Diversify is coming very soon!

Is this a complete version of the UI/UX?

Far from it. Once Auto Diversify is launched, we’ll continue to improve the UI/UX. Most of it is drawn out but not yet coded, so it’ll come in bits and pieces but very fast; it’ll be much more powerful.

The homepage will change to reflect this new position too don’t worry 😉 we have the wireframes, we’ll have it soon.

Why Rabbit as the first Compound Vault target?

Well, it’s one that, as far as we know from 2 days ago, no vault is autocompounding the staking pool. At this point, there might be, but then again, not only has it been generating exceptional APYs for stables, but it is also in everybody’s attention. We’re hoping to grab on to that attention and use it to our benefit. Rabbit users get auto-compounded APY, Rabbit and we get TVL, and our platform gets marketing, or so that’s the hope.

Last thoughts

It may seem like we have so many things we need to do with this new change. By now you would likely get a sense of how fast Jimmy codes and how dedicated the team is. We get things done fast – especially when we don’t have to rely on other parties. Things will start to develop faster from now on as the infrastructure has been built.

We welcome thoughts, comments, and suggestions as always. You can also find out more at our docs.  Please feel free to head to the suggestions channel ( for suggestions so we can aggregate them more easily.

Thanks guys 😊